Private Party Guidelines

Private Party Guidelines

NOTE: These are guidelines for non COVID times, most are in place. However, we are not allowing two parties at one time nor are we offering after hours parties at this time. Please contact a member of the board for further information.



* All parties of more than 10 people must submit a request to the Social Committee via Randy Force. Please allow several days for notification of approval/disapproval.

* All event requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. The Social Committee will work with members to meet their needs, but not all party requests can be accommodated, in order to avoid overcrowding and to ensure that the general membership can enjoy the pool. 

* No parties will be scheduled on days with home swim meets concurrent with evening Social Events. (Exception—parties of 10 people or less.)

* No parties will be scheduled on major holidays or holiday weekends.

* The Social Committee and the Board have the right to block private parties on other days as needed to ensure ample facilities are available to the general membership.

* The party sponsor is responsible for paying all guest fees associated with an event. Fee is $5 per non-member guest, whether swimming or not.

* Payment should be by check, labeled with the name of party sponsor. Payments should be deposited in lockbox at guard desk.

* Tipping of guards in lieu of guest fees is not acceptable. Guard tips are in addition to guest fees, and at the discretion of the party sponsor. Tips go directly to guards, not in the lockbox.

* If a party necessitates additional guard coverage, the sponsor is responsible for any associated costs. This applies to all members, including board members. This assessment is based on party size, time of day, and date of the planned party. (May be waived on a case-by-case basis by the full Board.) The cost for an additional guard is $25 per hour in 2019.

* Full Board approval is required to extend pool hours for private parties. After-hour guard fees are the responsibility of the party sponsor. After-hours parties require the presence of a licensed pool operator and at least one guard _ more if necessary.

* For parties that extend after regular pool hours, there is a minimum guest fee of $75, in addition to after-hour guard fees.

* Pool may not be closed early for private events.

* Evening events must end by 11 p.m.

* Board members should not indicate they are sponsoring an event in order to avoid guest fees if it is not their event.

* Party sponsors are responsible for set up/clean up and for the conduct of their guests. Guards are not responsible for set up/clean up. They may assist if available, but are not required to do so.

* It is up to party sponsors to politely notify other members if they will need to shift to other tables in order to accommodate party setup. Seating is not to be blocked off beyond hours of scheduled event. 

* The kitchen and grills are available to party sponsors, but must be shared with other members during

regular hours. Grills and kitchen may not be reserved for party use only.

* Supplies are to be provided by the party host (e.g., paper products).

* Party sponsors must keep in mind that all members have paid dues for the use of the pool during published hours. They must accommodate members attending the pool who are not involved in an event.

* Party sponsors must ensure their guests abide by pool rules and observe age restrictions.

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