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Rules and Policies

These rules and procedures are for the benefit and protection of all members and guests as well as for the safe and sanitary operation of the pool facility.  Parents are responsible for explaining the rules and procedures to their children.

Parental Permission & Unsupervised Children:

  • Children under 10 years of age many not enter the pool grounds without supervision. He/She must be accompanied by a responsible adult or baby sitter at least 14 years old and be supervised at all times (lifeguards are not babysitters).
  • All children under 10 years of age that are accompanied by a babysitter must have a signed parental permission on file with the guard office to be at the pool.
  • A child 10 to 12 years of age may enter the grounds from opening to 6:00 p.m. with parental permission after passing the deep water test.
  • All children between the ages of 10 to 12 must have a signed parental permission on file with the guard office to be at the pool without an adult.  


  • Only plastic and metal containers are allowed in the pool area (NO GLASS, CORNING WARE, CERAMIC CONTAINERS)
  • Food and drinks are to be kept and consumed outside the roped areas.  CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF.  The guards are here to ensure safety, not clean up.  A clean area reduces bee attraction.
  • Shower before entering the water; wash your feet before walking onto the deck area from a grassy area.
  • Enter the deep end of the pool only if you are a capable adult swimmer or a younger swimmer who has passed the basic swimming test.  No flotation devices or flippers may be worn when diving off the board.
  • The Pool Manager or Assistant Manager may close the diving board area for safety reasons or on request if no one wishes to use the diving board.
  • Use of diving rings and “soft” balls are permissible on weekdays at the guard’s discretion.
  • No rafts, inner tubes, or other large water toys are allowed in the pool.  
  • No water guns, super soakers or similar toys are allowed at the pool.
  • Stay clear of guard chairs and refrain from conversation with guards on duty.
  • Leave the pool promptly for the announced 10-minute break each hour if you are under 15 years of age.
  • Running, skate boarding, rollerblading/skating, riding of scooters, or other “horseplay” is not permitted in the pool or parking lot area
  • Vacate the lap lane whenever lap swimmers are present.  (Please be considerate of those swimming laps)

Baby Pool and Tot Lot Rules (Swim and Play at your own risk)

  • The baby pool and tot playground are not monitored by the guards.
  • Keep the gate closed at all times.
  • The baby pool and playground area are for children 6 years old and younger. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult or babysitter of at least 14 years of age.  The child’s supervisor must stay with the child in the baby pool area at all times. 
  • Dress your baby in “swimmies.”

Basic Policy:

The Pool Manager is responsible for enforcing the pool rules established by DTRA plus any activity he/she feels is unsafe.  Questions concerning the rules or the manner in which they are enforced may be brought to the Board, but the action of the Manager remains in effect until overruled by the Board.

The Manager or Assistant Manager may suspend a member or a guest under 18 years of age for a 24 hour period.  If a conflict between a member of the staff and a member 18 years old or older arises, the Manager will notify a Board member immediately.  The Board Member will pursue the matter until the conflict is resolved.  The Manager must inform the President of the suspension of a child.  The President will contact the parents of the child who is suspended.  The Board may grant a longer suspension.  Any suspension may be appealed to the Board.

The pool may be vacated or closed by the Board, or by the staff member in charge (with permission of a Board member), or at any time for hazardous weather or other emergency conditions.  Only the President, a member of the Operations Committee, or a qualified County or State official, may close the pool for other than emergency reasons.

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